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We recently engaged Montage Design Ltd and in particular Allen Theunissen to develop our web site and other associated corporate support material. This was a complex assignment involving thoughts and suggestions from both our local team in NZ and our parent organisation, ICW, based out of London. Allen developed a proposal for our consideration on our initial requirements which we accepted.

Throughout the development, over a period of a couple of months, Allen responded quickly to the changing thinking by providing suggestions and producing documentation and graphics for our assessment and feedback. With both the changing thinking and expansion of our needs with UK input Allen always demonstrated a positive and can do attitude to whatever we threw at him. This was very much an iterative process with our thinking changing often and Allen always keeping us abreast of any financial impacts of the changes which I am pleased to say were few in comparison to how many amendments we required.

Allen is very trustworthy, sticks to his offering and quickly responds to the situation and makes the whole process very enjoyable. He is a person who always sees the situation as “glass half full” and keeps out of any blame and negative thinking. He is a pleasure to work with and our team is very grateful for the assistance, direction and support provided in producing an output that we are all very happy and proud of.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Allen as a person of integrity who can be trusted when working with you. He has the skills and knowledge to tie the graphical ideas and the text together in a professional way. We look forward very favourably to our ongoing relationship in the management of the web site and immediate response to any other needs that may eventuate.

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