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I am John Barnes, Managing Director of Fertilizer New Zealand Ltd. I have known Allen Theunissen for one year.
I have been involved with many Computer Technical personnel for over 20 years. In my business I am constantly using technicians to build programmes or websites as the world of computers never stands still and is always evolving.
Recently I set up a new International Company called New Zealand Global Ecosystems Ltd. Naturally I needed a new Website and a range of computer work done. I didn’t want to use Fertilizer New Zealand’s existing contacts to be involved in my new Company’s work because it was best to keep them separate.

Allen came highly recommended from one of my colleagues within the computer industry. My initial meeting with Allen confirmed that he could quickly comprehend what I needed and then found a cost-effective plan to put together the design I required. Once I had supplied the relevant information, Allen built my website and performed many other tasks competently and on time. I am highly impressed with his skills.

Previously I have thought that larger companies would give me better service and have a greater range of skills. I have had contracts with these sorts of companies because of the ‘bigger is better’ thinking. I now know that it is more about the relationship with the person and their ability to understand your needs. This is far more important than the Company they represent.

I highly recommend Allen Theunissen as a competent and reliable computer technician.

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