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Allen Theunissen of Montage Design built our website, which went on to win the NZNF Best Website Award 2017/2018. To achieve this outstanding outcome for us, Allen worked for several months with our committee guiding us through the process, with excellent communication and collaboration. He developed creative solutions to overcome challenges, wrote great script that told our story well and assisted us in taking photographs of our facilities.

Allen also digitised hundreds of archived documents, set up secure storage and email facilities. He even helped several members resolve their personal computer issues at no charge.

Allen also designed our logo and motto which we are proud of. He has designed a variety of outdoor signage and also produces our regular club newsletters.

Allen is currently working on an accommodation booking programme for us and we so appreciate all he has done for the NSC club.

We have found Allen easy going, he offers exceptional service and has a natural ability to make our concepts become reality. He is enthusiastic, trustworthy and very likeable and we recommend Allen wholeheartedly.

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