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Origination and Design




Of course you are welcome to supply us with your own print ready file. Please take a moment to ensure it meets commercial print requirements:- View requirements here.

Or you can avoid the hassle and just send us a brief. We’ll custom design your business cards (Design is what we do!) 

$35 + GST gets you a custom, print ready file for 1x person. We’ll supply 2x custom design drafts for you to choose from, followed by two rounds of edits or alterations to refine your preferred option.

Need cards for more than one person – No problem!
Include additional personnel for $5 per variation.

  • the initial layout (Master File) is set up for 1x person ($35)
  • add a second person (variation to the master file) for +$5 (= $40)
  • add a third for +$5 (= $45)
  • add a forth for +$5 (= $50) etc…
    all pricing excludes GST

Please note: Minimum print order is 100 business cards per person/variation.

Remember to email us your logos, photos, graphics with your brief – you are welcome to email them here

Additional information

Variations - multiple layouts

Master file: 1x person, Master file: 2x people, Master file: 3x people, Master file: 4x people, Master file: 5x people

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